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Photon7 is a lighting and visual production company based in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in projection, large scale video and laser displays. We can also create custom video content and imagery for your concert, party or other events.





We have top of the line lasers and operators for any size production.  Ask about our 22K watt lasers for high-impact displays or 5K watts to add some dazzle to any size room. Or let our laserist is here to help you put on a spectacular show.  To find out more and start collaborating, get in touch today.

Lighting & Production

Let us take care of all your lighting and rigging needs, from start to finish. This exclusive service is designed to handle all your requirements so that you can focus on all the other aspects of your production. Are you ready to start working together? Get in touch to learn more.


Weather you need brilliant LED walls, projectors for 3D designs, custom stage design we have what you need to add incredible video content to your production.  No dream is too big! Ask about how we can not only provide equipment but how our artists can create custom video content for any style and aesthetic.


Arvada, CO, USA